Continuing Education

In the current framework of the move towards the European Higher Education Area, changes must be made to the structure of university courses. The way courses are to be divided into degree and postgraduate courses, and the power of universities – in accordance with the criterion of independence – to offer training that leads to other diplomas and qualifications, mean that specific provisions must be made to govern both official courses and university-specific courses based on the parameters of what is known as lifelong learning.

In view of the above, the UdL wishes to provide an ideal framework that is able to fully cover its overall offer of lifelong training and UdL-specific courses, with the following goals:

  1. To encourage the university community to set up training courses that are not included on the official syllabus, so that it can offer society innovative, high quality training that contributes to boosting the development of the socio-economic environment.
  2. To complete the academic training of degree holders and professionals from diverse backgrounds so that they are able to perfect their professional skills.
  3. To offer all sectors of society the possibility to build on their knowledge and skills.
  4. To make the UdL a national and international benchmark institution recognised for its quality training.

The Centre of Continuing Education (CFC), which was set up with the aim of re-organising and promoting the offer of UdL-specific lifelong training courses, will be responsible for attaining these goals in the framework of the Institut of Educational Sciences.

Thus, the CFC will support staff initiatives related to continuing education (diploma courses, master’s degrees, specialisation courses, etc.) and, therefore, it will help to organise, manage, supervise and certify all lifelong training courses at the University of Lleida.

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Last modified: 31/07/2013

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