Vice-rector's office for International Relations and Cooperation

The University of Lleida is aware of the growing importance of the international scope of higher education institutions and networking. In recognition of this, it has brought together its long-standing tradition since its days as the Estudi General de Lleida with a firm commitment to the promotion of European integration. It is likewise fully committed to the internationalisation of knowledge and the spread of culture.

With the aim of guaranteeing students the most comprehensive learning experience possible and of fully adapting to European and international practices, the University of Lleida endorses international outreach. It does so in two ways; directly, through student mobility; and indirectly, through the internationalisation of the curriculum, the mobility of teaching staff, bilateral agreements with other universities, networking, the active participation of foreign students in university life, the promotion and dissemination of cultures from other countries in the university community and the reinforcement of international outreach already prevalent in many research programmes.

The University of Lleida participates in diverse international initiatives, such as Socrates, Erasmus Mundus, TEMPUS, ASEFOREP and ALFA. It is a member of the Compostela Group of Universities and the Interuniversity Consortium for Agriculture and Related Sciences in Europe (ICA).

The Vice-rector's Office for International Relations and Cooperation coordinates applications for mobility programmes in which the University of Lleida is involved:

  • The European Commission’s Socrates/Erasmus programme, in the framework of which the UdL takes part in diverse joint initiatives with other European universities besides ensuring staff and student mobility.
  • The UdL mobility programme, which facilitates mobility with universities on other continents.
  • The Spanish Agency of International Cooperation’s Interuniversity Cooperation Programme.
  • The SICUE mobility programme of students between Spanish universities.
  • Double degrees in some disciplines.

Àstrid Ballesta, vicerectora de Relacions Internacionals i Cooperació de la Universitat de Lleida (UdL)

Campus de Cappont
Centre de Cultures i Cooperació Transfronterera

Edifici annex, 2ª planta
C. de Jaume II, 67 bis
E-25001 Lleida


+34 973 00 35 39
+34 973 00 35 31


Astrid Ballesta Remy
Vice-rector for International Relations and Cooperation

Montse Culleré

Cooperation and Solidarity Office
Campus de Cappont
C. de Jaume II, 67 bis
E-25001 Lleida
Catalonia, Spain

+34 973 00 35 35
+34 973 00 35 36
+34 973 00 35 31

International Relations Office
Campus de Cappont
C. de Jaume II, 67 bis
E-25001 Lleida
Catalonia, Spain

+34 973 00 35 30
+34 973 00 35 32
+34 973 00 35 34
+34 973 00 35 31

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Last modified: 04/07/2013

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