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Public Catalan universities in collaboration with the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation, the Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise (DIUE), the Agency for Administration and Research Grants (AGAUR), the Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA), the Barcelona University Centre (BCU) and other public and private organisations have created the Catalan Researcher Support Mobility Node. One of the results of this collaboration has been the creation of a website where researchers interested in coming to Catalonia to work will find relevant information on research vacancies and posts, grant programmes, and training. Official, social and cultural information is also available, which will undoubtedly be of use to you if you do decide to come to Catalonia.

  • Mobility support guide for foreign researchers in Catalonia

Euraxess website for Foreign Researchers in Catalonia aims to provide practical assistance to any researcher — alone or accompanied by a family — who wishes to come to Catalonia for a short stay or for longer-term residence

Euraxess website provides clear and concise information that will be useful for anybody coming to Catalonia for the first time. This information covers a wide range of topics of interest to any foreign visitor, such as the procedures for obtaining the documentation necessary to be able to reside in Catalonia, in addition to other practical matters that affect everyday life, such as the education and health systems, and leisure and cultural options in Catalonia.



If you have not been able to find the answers to your questions, we will be glad to answer your questions:

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Last modified: 18/06/2014

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